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Last, but not least, NetEnt have succeeded in making the game player-friendly – the game has simple, yet elaborate design.   The French Roulette not only looks like the real thing – it has one of the widest range of bets we have ever seen on a mobile app, too – players can wager as little as £1 or as much as £500. On the downside, The French Roulette is not the cheapest mobile game. Nonetheless, based on the game quality, it is more than fair. Players need to know that the game tends to cause a lot of slowdown on older smartphones. But if players want to play a game with ultra realistic details, they are expected to be prepared to meet all technical requirements that come with that game. Those who can not commit much time to their favourite game will find Roulette HD the ideal solution. Unlike The French Roulette, Roulette HD runs on older devices as well. What makes Roulette HD compatible for all (and we mean all) devices is the simple design. Many roulette games have posh backgrounds, music, and various additional effects that put a lot of pressure on mobile devices. Roulette HD is a fun and entertaining game, even though it does not feature all the additional details.

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